qi-wireless-charger>> What is QI?
QI is the new global standard for wireless charging stations, set by the Wireless Power Consortium. The goal is life unplugged, without all those wires, chargers and power cords. Any device with a Qi-enabled accessory or with Qi built directly into it can charge on any Qi inductive charging pad.

Desk Lamp With QI Wireless Charger

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Desk Lamp With QI Wireless Charger Charging For Any QI Devices

Material: aluminum alloy, ABS, PC
Color: Green, Blue, Pink, Golden
Size: 385*175*425mm
Weight: 1.6kg
Input Voltage(V): AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Power: 15W
Light Source: 9*LEDs
LED Chips: Bridgelux
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 500-1500LX AA
Colour Temperature: 4000-4200 Nature white
CRI:  RA82
Dimming:  Smart / Manual Control
Application:  Reading lights, Lighting, Table lamp, Build-in QI wireless charger
Wireless Charging Time:  2-3 hours

Item: Desk Lamp With QI Wireless Charger

1. convenience for charging

It doesn't need to connect wire. Just put Receiver on the Transmitter.

2. charging time

Charging time is same as wire charger.

3. compatibility

This product is internationally Qi certified. It is compatible with other transmitters or receivers which have same certification.

4. convenient charge condition's mark

It marks charge condition through LED conveniently

5. support usb charge and data communication

In addition to iphone's data cable, it's possible to charge and synchronize iphone using desktop or laptop through included standard micro usb data cable with connection of Receiver.  


Q. What is the way(method) of charging? 
A. The product charges wirelessly according to the principle of electromagnetic conduction. It charges just put cellphone with receiver on transmitter. 

Q. What is Qi certification, and what are advantages of it?
A.  WPC is an open- membership cooperation of Asian, European, and American companies in diverse industries. WPC is working toward the global standardization of wireless charging technology. The WPC’s standard for wireless power, called “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) creates interoperability between the device providing power (power transmitter, charging station) and the device receiving power (power receiver, portable device). Using the Qi standard, a range of mobile electronics will be able to use magnetic induction to recharge simply by being near a single power transmitter. 

Q. Doesn't it take more time than wire charger? 
A. Charging time by wireless charger and wire charger is same.

Q. Does charger work at all time(always)?
A. This product is included cellphone sensor according to WPC standard, so it only works when cellphone is on the receiver. When another thing which is not with WPC certified receiver, it doesn't charge. Therefore, it can save electric power.

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